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Parenting your baby    
Are you ready to be a mom?

Are you ready to be a mom? Is your boyfriend ready to be a dad?

Parenting is often seen as a great option, especially when your parents and your friends make promises to help. If you have support for your parenting decision, then this may be something you wish to seriously consider. Sit down and make a budget with current costs of diapers, formula, clothing, daycare, and other parenting necessities you and your baby will need. Also consider your goals; will you still be able to pursue them while parenting a baby?

Before relying on anyone's promises to help, especially financially, you need to ask yourself if these people have, in the past, made promises to you or others and not followed through. Or have they withdrawn their support when you made a choice they didn't agree with? If something happens that your friends or family cannot support you, what will you do? You need a plan and a backup plan if you choose to be parent your child.

Now, about the baby's he around? Does he have other children? Is he supporting them? Is he supportive of you? Is he abusive? Don't think that a baby will make him commit or will fix a relationship, it will simply exaggerate the problems and make the situation worse. Is this a man you want to be tied to for at least 18 years? Is he someone you want your baby to be with? Ask yourself these questions and consider the answers before you choose parenting your baby.

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